Real Yoga

Yoga is not confined to asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, and kriyas only, but it pervades all activities of life. Some of the philosophers consider Yoga just as a method of exercises to make body and mind healthier.

Lord Krishna defines Yoga as योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ‘Yogah karmasu kaushalam’, which means”Perfection in Action is s Yoga”.

Yoga is SCIENCE as also ART of RIGHT, ENLIGHTENED & PERFECT actions and activities of life, viz., standing, walking, sitting, laying, sleeping, dreaming, waking up, acting, speaking, writing, expressing of emotions, thoughts, words and deeds, relationships with your own self, with your parents, kinsmen, spouse, relatives, friends, organizations, colleagues, society, country, globe, universe, existence, truth, and your Goals.

Yoga teaches you to become disciplined, vigour, dynamic, vibrant, chaste, honest, wise and cheerful in your life so as to become a perfect channel, to let the God & Divinity manifest through your all activities of life. That was the reason Lord Krishna exhorted Arjuna to become a YOGI.

But one needs to learn “How to be a Perfect Yogi”, from a true Yogi, who indeed is an example of a Perfect Yogi.

A perfect Yogi is extremely rare to find, one needs to invest time, money and energy to find such one. Diamond is rare but ordinary stones are available anywhere. A perfect Yogi intends to remain away from media, show businesses, glamour and all kinds of dramas, and such Yogi leads extremely simplest life. Almost the people, who believe in crowds and show business, remain deprived from getting benefited from such true Yogis.

                   Yogi Anand

When I had left my home and went to the great Himalayas in quest of True Yogis, to learn True Yoga, I came across numerous true Yogis, who were living very authentic Yogic life, absolutely away from passion for name and fame, absorbed in Divine and Solitudinousness. Some of them were endowed with supernatural powers by the Truth, but behaving as very normal and common ones. Meeting and learning from such people is a result of good karmas.

The word ‘YOGA’ has been very fascinating word for me since my childhood, rather, since my uncountable past lives. I feel extremely relaxed, peaceful, vigorous, happy, infinite and unlimited in Yoga. True, authentic and Integral Yoga is immersed in my whole blood, flesh, bones, brain, heart, and my whole beings.

May you live forever Yoga!

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