Some memories embedded in consciousness

Some most precious moments along with my Baboojee and his dear friends of his native village, Padma, Madhubani (Bihar), captured on 2nd September 2015, during the evening walk.
The same year he came to Delhi, on 31st December 2015, and got seriously ill on 15th January 2016, and left his mortal body on 4th February 2016 in the night at around 12.30am.
These pictures were captured from my old Nokia Lumia 625, which got stolen in New Delhi, same year 2016 in December. I got extremely distressful not because of phone, but because of the most precious and valuable moments I had captured through that phone’s camera.
Just today, when I was again exploring my laptop, and seeking those pictures if I had downloaded them from my cellphone to my laptop, I couldn’t find on the local storage disk, and still I was sad.
Just to try, when I opened Skydrive folder, which is online folder, an extremely profound smile and cheerfulness, suddenly, arose in me, when I saw those pictures on my online skydrive folder in Pictures/Camera Roll folder. That Joy was immense, just like I met my God/Divine, which is not false but True, as Parents are Earthly God-Goddess.
I wanted to share these most precious pictures on the next death anniversary of my revered Papa ji, but I couldn’t resist myself to share this joy with my near and dear friends. I know, when you share your grief, that is lessened, at the same time, when you share your Joy, that exponentially increases. So, just to increase my Joy, I am sharing these pictures along with you my dear friends.
I always owe your affections and love you show through your likings, valuable and encouraging words, and good emotions, which I can never pay you back.
I’m extremely grateful to my beloved friends who show their empathy and love in my different bad and/or good phases of life.
Thanks a lot again to all of my dear friends.

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