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Teacher Training Courses

If you are looking for a genuine Certified Teacher Training Courses of Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation, then the courses taught by Sri Yogi Anand, Anant Yoga School (AYS), certified by Yoga Alliance is perhaps the ONLY one you will find in New Delhi, India.

We provide the following Teacher Training Courses:

Our emphasis on Small Batch size (no more than 15 students) ensures a personalized learning experience in tune with the principles of Yoga.

You will learn important ancient and modern practices & techniques of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, to make you become a fuller yoga practitioner.

Also, the Yoga Alliance International Certification will help you teach as an accomplished teacher anywhere in the World.

Finding genuine Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation teaching in New Delhi is virtually impossible. This is because New Delhi has more for Yoga drop in classes, but not teacher trainings. AYS fills this void by bringing an exclusive Teacher Training Courses in New Delhi, India.

You can imbibe the wonderful Yogic environment at the training centre of Anant Yoga School, New Delhi, India, while learning the Yoga Teachings.

You will also experience the much-needed Blend of Traditional Yoga teachings along with physically ‘fulfilling’ asana practices.

Our Teacher Training Courses are suitable for those wanting to experience the traditional Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Kriyas in modern scientific ways.

The key benefits of Teacher Training courses:

  • Practices & teachings in the course come from the leading schools of Yoga – Bihar School of Yoga, Mysore Ashtanga School and the Sivananda (Divine Life Society) Rishikesh.
  • You will learn important safety protocols & standards, which are absolutely essential to help you follow a yoga teaching path.
  • You will learn the varied nuanced viewpoints on Yoga philosophy coming from diverse yet deeply respected schools of yoga.
  • In short, you would feel complete and well versed to hold your own in a diverse yoga class.

This is globally recognized and accepted ‘Yoga’ as the Science and Art of physical, mental, emotional, behavioural and other well-beings. Apart from wellness, Yoga is the method to connect oneself with the Supreme State of Consciousness which is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.  In the ancient time, Yoga was discovered by the Indian Vedic sages, as a path to the complete well-being of body, mind and soul. This Science of Yoga has been kept intact through Guru-shishya parampara (Master-disciple lineage) in India.

To experience the fruits of Yoga, one needs to learn it from authentic and qualified Yoga Teacher, who has been trained by indigenous Yoga Guru. Practicing the Yoga, gives an immense energy and joy to practitioner; in addition, to keep Yoga science lineage unbroken, a sincere and dedicated Yoga Practitioner has responsibility to become a Teacher. To become a Yoga Teacher, a practitioner needs to be versed in the theories, philosophy and practical aspects of Yoga.

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