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Pranopasana – Energy Cultivation

Pranopasana is a Sanskrit word, which is made of two words – i. Prana (Energy, Chi, Ki, etc.) and Upasana (to reside with or being with or charged with), thus the word ‘Pranopasana’ stands for ‘being charged with Prana or Energy’.

Prana is an energy which moves everything and everyone. All of beings (be that animate or inanimate) of all the worlds are made of Prana. Prana is a Sanskrit word, which is made of two words – ‘pra’ and ‘ana’. ‘pra’ means ‘in motion or action’ and ‘ana’ means the energy, thus ‘Prana’ means ‘energy in action or motion’. Every thing and person of the existence is in the motion by this Prana only, and moving for the final solution, which can be termed as Nirvana or Nibbana (The Supreme State of Perfection). Prana is dynamic, and wherever it comes dynamism comes.

The mysteries of Prana is realized by the Enlightened ones of east and west. Eastern, particularly Indian, seers, yogis and sages realized the power of Prana and delivered them to their students. Those sutras are compiled in various authentic scriptures e.g., Vedas, Upanishads, Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, Buddhist Scriptures, Jain Scriptures, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, etc.

Yogi Anand, is born in a Vedic Brahmin family, and he pursued his research in Vedic, Yogic and Buddhist Science to understand the mysteries and power of Prana. He deems that the Prana affects one’s health and wisdom, greatly. It is wisdom which shapes our lives, which consists of health, wealth, relationships, status in the society, etc. There are 4 aggregates of Ideal life: 1. Dharma (Righteousness), 2. Artha (Wealth), 3. Kama (Fulfillment of desires) and 4. Moksha (The Emancipation), all are obtained by the Prana or ‘Wise Energy’ only.

Yogi Anand teaches and conducts the classes (private and group both), workshops and seminars on Pranopasana.

There are 3 kinds kinds of Prana: 1. Sattvik (pure or white), 2. Tamasik (impure or black) and 3. Rajasik (mixed or white and black).

Sattvik Prana leads the lives to the health, enlightenment, success, abundance, best relationships, happiness, etc.

Tamasik Prana leads the lives to the state opposite of above.

Rajasik Prana leads the lives to the state mixed with good and bad both.

Pranopasana is practiced in different ways, since there are different forms of Prana.

Join Yogi Anand’s session(s) and lesson(s) and realize the followings:

* Blockages removals through Pranopasana
* Health through Pranopasana
* Stress Management through Pranopasana
* Strength through Pranopasana
* Brilliance through Pranopasana
* Kundalini Awakening through Pranopasana
* Enlightenment through Pranopasana
* Best relationships through Pranopasana
* Success through Pranopsana
* Abundance through Pranopasana
* Happiness through Pranopasana
* Karma Clearing through Pranopasana

To know more about Pranopasana, you can write to Yogi Anand.

2 thoughts on “Pranopasana – Energy Cultivation

  1. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya,
    I would like to know more about pranopasana, but the websites are off. I do Ramdev’s pranayamas and asanas, eat ayurvedic foods and supplements. Chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Sometimes add Gayatri mantra. If anything else can be done to improve, I would be really interested to hear.


    1. Dear Saulius,

      I am sorry, that the websites are off unfortunately.

      Pranopasana is different than just doing pranayama. Pranopasana is actually to worship, cultivate, strengthen, develop and sublimate the life energy/force, through different activities.

      One can learn this in detail from Yogi Anand.


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