Best Yoga Asana for Cervical Spondylosis

If you have been experiencing pain in your neck, cervical spondylosis, and back, it may be time to try yoga. This simple exercise can ease pain and strengthen your body while activating your nervous system. As an added benefit, yoga has few side effects and can be used to help many different ailments. However, you … Continue reading Best Yoga Asana for Cervical Spondylosis

A group practicing meditation

How does meditation help to Sleep Better?

Practicing meditation is an effective way to prepare the mind for sleep. It shows improved sleep quality in people who have insomnia. However, it is essential to note that meditation may not be an effective treatment for all insomniacs. If you have underlying medical conditions, meditation may only aggravate your symptoms. However, if you're experiencing … Continue reading How does meditation help to Sleep Better?

Does meditation affect your Hormones?

During meditation, you're likely releasing chemical compounds called hormones. These are important for our health and can help regulate various processes. The hormone GABA is one of these chemicals, which is elevated during meditation. It's also believed to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. In addition, meditation causes the brain to increase the release of neurotransmitters … Continue reading Does meditation affect your Hormones?

Yoga for headaches

Yoga therapy has been proven to provide tremendous solutions when it comes to headache problems. Headaches are one of the most common health conditions experienced by people today. It has been said that headaches can cause a person to lose their sense of reality and cause them to have serious depression. There are many reasons … Continue reading Yoga for headaches

Types of Meditation

4 Types of Meditation When it comes to meditation, the types of techniques you use are very important. Many people are confused about how the different types of meditation work but, in fact, the more common types of meditation will be more effective than the less common ones. The main types of meditation are: PranayamaHathaVipassanaInsight … Continue reading Types of Meditation

Yogic approach to overcome the challenges of life, by Sri Yogi Anand, Adwait Yoga School Watch this entire video attentively and know how to overcome the challenges of life.

Ultra Psychology: Inner Peace and Joy, by Yogi Anand – Adwait Yoga School

The Peace and Joy, which depend on external factors, such as a person, a place, and specific situations, are not true and long lasting Peace and Joy, rather, depending peace and joy sometimes eventually become depressive, agonizing, painful, tormenting, unbearable and fatal too. We want a favorable, comfortable and stress-free relationship, work, situations and circumstances, … Continue reading Ultra Psychology: Inner Peace and Joy, by Yogi Anand – Adwait Yoga School

Watch “कर्मो का रहस्य, कर्म सिद्धान्त अटल है, श्री योगी आनंद अद्वैत योग विद्यालय द्वारा” on YouTube