Life Transformation

A Disciple:
“I’m dealing with how the experience of awakening can be linked to having a family, relationships and the education of childeren.”

Yogi Anand:
I liked this Idea and would like to encourage you to work in this field, this is needed for the world. This is more important than just working for own salvation. That is very good and also essential to work first for one’s salvation as well as this is imperative to share one’s empirical knowledge which has come along the way to Nirvana. Always remember NIRVANA is the aim of life, and till NIRVANA is matured fully, one must endeavor untiringly, at the same time, also one should keep sharing his/her empirical knowledge.

But, overall, when the call comes from Nirvana to speak or to write or to guide, one can’t resist that Call, as that is irresistible. NIRVANA and DIVINE MIND are the same. Divine Mind works through the world, through the nature, I think this is the call of Nirvana that you should share your knowledge, Insight with the people, that is why people have asked you to have the meetings in green park in Rome for Dhamma Talk. I am happy to see that The Nirvana has begun to manifest through you in more precise and volume.

A Disciple:
What if the desired result doesn’t come?

Yogi Anand:
Don’t worry if desired result doesn’t come. You just endeavor sincerely and whatever results come, favorable or unfavorable (according to you), just accept them, considering that is the Divine Will. All are happening to the people, according to their Karma, by the Divine Will only, people are just means. None than Buddha (Wholly Enlightened One) can understand the Law of Karma, this very very profound. When what type of Karma (good or bad of past) will arise no one knows. But if one does Spiritual Practices i.e., STUDY, MEDITATION & WHOLESOME KARMA, past bad Karmas loose the effect, they come in the way, but easily passes through the Spiritual Ones; Spiritual ones don’t get disturbed as worldly people when bad times comes, they just pass through the bad time with Endurance, Hope and Bliss.
Enlightened beings
The Wholly Enlightened Ones bless you!

With Divine Love and Light,

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