Jhana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Nirvana

Dear Metta, Friend, Namaste! The quote of The Absolute Enlightened One, The Buddha is - "what, now, is Right Concentration? Fixing the mind to a single object ("One-pointedness of mind"): this is concentration." Concentration in Sanskrit is called 'Dharana', which is the 6th limb or level of Yoga, before 7th i.e, Dhyana (Meditation) and 8th … Continue reading Jhana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Nirvana

Perfection of Both Aspects of Nature

Yesterday I was tagged in an image post of Osho, which contains an excerpt of Osho on Women. Following is that excerpt: "Women have a totally different kind of being. Her whole body needs love. It is not sexuality. Her whole body is orgasmic. That’s why there is tremendous trouble. Man comes to orgasm quickly … Continue reading Perfection of Both Aspects of Nature

Courage, The Divine Quality

In my vision courage is the most divine quality. Everything else is secondary, courage is primary, because if courage is there everything else follows. If courage is missing, then all is missing. Only a courageous person can be sincere, truthful, loving, religious. Only a courageous person can go in search of the Ultimate, because the … Continue reading Courage, The Divine Quality