Kshanti or Endurance, one of 6 Paramitas (Spiritual Qualities)

Kshanti or Endurance is one of 6 Paramitas (the means to reach into the world of Nirvana). Practice it, develop it and bring it to the fullest maturity, also at the same time avoid and overcome the weakness which doesn’t let one practice this Great Quality to enjoy the Ultimate Happiness i.e., NIRVANA.

Others 5 Paramitas are – 1. Dana (giving up or selflessness), 2. Sheel (moralities), 3. Veerya (energy and power), 4. Dhyana (Right Meditation) and 5. Arya Prajna (Noble Wisdom).

All of above-said 6 Paramitas lead one to the other shore, Nirvana, the Ultimate Happiness.

Hard pose a sign of the practice of Endurance

Kshanti or endurance is very essential to reach at the destination. Energy is the basis of it. Energy is the progeny of Will Power and Right Guidances. Will power is it’s mother and the Guru’s guidance is Father. As for the progeny, both mother and father is required, so also for the Endurance or Energy Will Power and Right Guidance is required. The practice of these 2, is Sadhana. This is True Sadhana of Ultimate Perfection.

Om and Om Alone!

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