Dear Friend, Om! If you can't practice Purity, don't condemn it, don't advocate and justify the impurity or impure philosophies. This has been seen not in an failed seeker only but even in so-called enlightened masters also, they practice disciplines for a time, or for a few years for Siddhis or for Supreme Siddhi i.e., … Continue reading


The lover of Brahmacharya should go more deeper into the meaning and pointing of the word - Brahmacharya. The word 'Brahmacharya' is made of two words - 'Brahman' (Transcendental Consciousness) and 'charya' (living), that does mean 'living in Brahman (Transcendental Consciousness)'. Thus, 'living in Transcendental Consciousness is 'Brahmacharya'. Brahman in highest reality is Absolute Pure … Continue reading Brahmacharya

Real Yoga and Spirituality

Yoga and Spirituality means PURITY. I practice Yoga or Spirituality means I practice Purity in feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. An impure body/individual can't practice Yoga or Spirituality. One, whose body doesn't have pure blood and mind doesn't have Purity or Vairagya can't sit for a long for the meditation. And if there is no … Continue reading Real Yoga and Spirituality


Brahmacharya gives you healthy body, brilliant mind and blessed Soul. Glory to Brahmacharya! Sage Patanjali realizes - ब्रह्मचर्य प्रतिष्ठायाम् वीर्यलाभः (brahmacharya pratishthayam veeryalabhah), means - One gains the robust energy practicing and establishing the Brahmacharya. Upanishads say - in the past, many divine souls attained the immortality through Brahmacharya.


Purity, Purity, Purity. This should only be the aim of True Yogi and Spiritual one. Nothing but Purity only can give you all BENEDICTIONS. Purity is essential ingredient of all paths of God realization. Focus only on Purity. Cultivate only the Purity. This should only be the aim of Spiritual Life, rest all the things … Continue reading Purity