Intuition v/s Discriminations

Buddha says, in order to progress on the path of Enlightened Life, Discrimination is wrong, Discriminating mind is erroneous mind, and can’t reach and stay in the Enlightenment. It deviates an aspirant, devotee and Yogi from the Right Path. The Divine, residing in the Heart, instructs one to go on a path, or to do something, which could result in divine happiness, and Divine Life, but discrimination of the voice of Intuition takes one astray. Intuitions shouldn’t be discriminated but obeyed with utmost reverence, thinking that the Intuition is nothing but the VOICE OF DIVINE. The more an aspirant becomes older and experienced, he/she has more developed and firm conviction in the Perfection of Intuition.

Yogi Anand
                                 Yogi Anand

Instead of reading and studying the dead books & scriptures, one should read and study the living Inner Voice or Intuition, who/which is none other than Divine Himself/Herself. This is my own empirical knowledge, as also the same is proclaimed by the most Authentic Hindu Scripture, Upanishads, and the Sutras of Buddha.

Sometimes the the pointing of Intuition are very incomprehensible and unbelievable, but if one follows the the Intuition with faith, later on it becomes obvious, and one realizes that the pointing by Intuition were Right and Auspicious for the Blessed Life.

This is strange and helplessness thing about Intuition that it doesn’t speak louder in the beings who are not living pure life, and whose heart is covered by Defilement. By practicing spiritual laws, and by making right efforts, one remove the defilement from the face of Intuition (Divine Mind), and the Intuition becomes more Active and Dynamic, its Voice becomes more louder and more stronger, and the life becomes more vibrant, dynamic, enlightened and Divine.

The purpose of Yoga and Spiritual practices is to get acquainted with the techniques to activate and awaken the Intuition, so as to experience awesome Health, Success, Abundance and Happiness in the life, which will cause eventually a healthy, harmonious, peaceful and abundant world, worth of living for the Innocent ones.

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