Intuition v/s Discriminations

Buddha says, in order to progress on the path of Enlightened Life, Discrimination is wrong, Discriminating mind is erroneous mind, and can't reach and stay in the Enlightenment. It deviates an aspirant, devotee and Yogi from the Right Path. The Divine, residing in the Heart, instructs one to go on a path, or to do something, … Continue reading Intuition v/s Discriminations

How to live Enlightened and Blessed Life

Dear Disciple, Namaste! Hope you are well and doing Great! You've said: "My only desire is to be simple, true and faithful to the God in me." This is really a noble desire, which can lead, if making efforts to make this true, into the world of Ultimate Happiness. In fact, the simple, true and … Continue reading How to live Enlightened and Blessed Life