Walking after lunch or dinner: Good or Bad for health?

Walking is highly effective to keep you away from many diseases. The research says that walkers have less incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases. They live longer and get mental health and spiritual benefits. Find out about the many health benefits of walking.

But, Walking after meal (lunch or dinner) is good or bad for health, has been an awesome  subject.

As per my knowledge and observations, walking immediately after lunch or dinner is not good for best health, there are many harms of it, instead, one should rest, if possible, for 15 minutes, may be in Vajrasana or just sitting on the chair in relaxed mode, and best if you can lie on left hand side (वामकुक्षी vaam kukshi); activating right nostril (surya nadi) for the flow prana/air is very effective to facilitate the food digestion.

Vamkukshi वामकुक्षी

That is true that when we take a meal, the meal needs the energy to digest, and if energy is dispersed then the food take hours to digest or it needs some external aids for enzymes and amino acids.

When we walk, the energy is scattered in different directions and that is not concentrated in the stomach to digest the food. All aforesaid yogic practices concentrate the energy in stomach and that enhances the digestion for absorption of nutrients.

This is a general phenomenon, which every one can observe, that just after the meal we feel a laziness, drowsiness or sleepiness, that is nothing but a body’s management to digest the food. The energy automatically rushes towards the stomach and begin to concentrate for the digestion. If after the meal we can take a power nap, the digestion process is made better.

Power Nap

Immediately walking after the meal may cause the hernia problem and heart attack also, and this is strictly forbidden for the hernia patients neither to eat over/full of stomach nor to walk immediately after the meal. This has been observed that most of heart attacks take place after the meal.

Practicing Yoga and Intense Pranayama is also forbidden just after the meal. There must be 4 hours difference between the Meal and the Practice of Yoga-Pranayama. Also you can not meditate properly if your stomach is full of food. Mediation is best done in stomach with very light food and drink.

Walking in the morning or/and evening is really Best for Health. This is also easiest and very interesting kind of exercise. Walking is Very Easy-to-do yet highly effective to keep your health of body, mind and emotions in high degree.

Walking 15-30 Minutes every day, may keep you away from many health risks like Diabetes, Cardiac Problems, Cancer, Joint Problems, Indigestion,  Constipation, Respiratory problems, miscarriages, Obesity, Lethargy, etc.

OM! N A M A S T E !

8 thoughts on “Walking after lunch or dinner: Good or Bad for health?

  1. Sleeping after taking food is bad, as it affects the peristalsis movement. Imagine what happens when a bottle filled with water is tilted and kept flat – water comes up.


  2. Just after lunch a short sleep 15 to 60 min will refresh ones health both physically and mentally for the day . It’s one of religious facts and scientific as well.

    On the other hand, dinner is considered quite opposite when compared to lunch. An immediate walk after dinner at least 40 steps leads to prevent from diseases (acidity, gases etc) causes healthy sleep.

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