The Better Life

Every one, even a most ordinary one, has immense Insight and Strength, Divine Wisdom and Power inside, but due to obliviousness of them, the life remains dull, gloomy, ineffective, weak, poor and lack of Energy, Enthusiasm & Bliss. By following, submissively and wisely, the guidance of a Right Guide, the source of Divine Insight and … Continue reading The Better Life

Selective Retention (SR)

SR (Selective Retention) is a kind of Memory of past experiences, which were closer to your interests, values and beliefs. SR is an inseparable part of ordinary human being. Everything, every one, every relation, deserts you but still SR remains with you in the life after life unless you completely destroy SR for Moksha (Final … Continue reading Selective Retention (SR)

Dhyana Yoga (Yoga of Meditation)

Inner World or Spiritual World is full of mysteries, which can be viewed and observed through introspection, contemplation and Meditation. Meditation is a a tool to come to know your potentiality and divinity also to manifest them. ते ध्यान योगनुगता अपश्यन, देवात्मशक्ति स्वगुनैह निगुढम  te dhyan yoganugata apashyan, devatmashakti swagunaih nigudhaam Seers realized their divinities … Continue reading Dhyana Yoga (Yoga of Meditation)

The Cycle of Karma

One can not escape from the fruit of any Karma be that good or bad neither by hiding in the cleft of a mountain or cave nor by worshiping the deities. A wise one is conscious of this Truth so does all good. The solution of being freed from the Karma Cycle is nothing but … Continue reading The Cycle of Karma

Fear – an incompetence of a Yogi and Spiritual One

Fear is the source of all sorts of miseries. Fear is a kind of Sin. A fearless one only, can realize the Divine and manifest Divinity. To annihilate fear one must know its root and should destroy that. The root of fear is attachment and grasping attitude, and behind that there is belief of permanency … Continue reading Fear – an incompetence of a Yogi and Spiritual One

Eight Don’ts After A Meal

There are many myths floating around concerning various subjects. Some of them are about what NOT to do after a meal. These were emailed to me by a friend for scientific verification. Myths are obviously the fruit of partial or total ignorance, and speculations, handed down from generation to generation. While many of them are … Continue reading Eight Don’ts After A Meal

In Love with God, True Bhakti (Devotion)

God is Great, Strange and very Mysterious, therefore, the Love for God is also Great, Strange and very Mysterious. Before loving God or any one, one must know God’s Characteristic. God’s character is nameless, formless, and all pervading. So, a God lover should love God keeping this Truth in mind. But ignorant lover of God, … Continue reading In Love with God, True Bhakti (Devotion)