The Cycle of Karma

One can not escape from the fruit of any Karma be that good or bad neither by hiding in the cleft of a mountain or cave nor by worshiping the deities. A wise one is conscious of this Truth so does all good. The solution of being freed from the Karma Cycle is nothing but … Continue reading The Cycle of Karma

A Conversation on Crematory Meditation

Namaste dear beloved friend! Following is an online conversation of today, between me and an aspirant on face book on the subject of Crematory Meditation. I've shared here with your noble self, thinking this conversation may be interested and enlightening to many people. I've not disclosed the name of the aspirant, because she could mind … Continue reading A Conversation on Crematory Meditation

Jhana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Nirvana

Dear Metta, Friend, Namaste! The quote of The Absolute Enlightened One, The Buddha is - "what, now, is Right Concentration? Fixing the mind to a single object ("One-pointedness of mind"): this is concentration." Concentration in Sanskrit is called 'Dharana', which is the 6th limb or level of Yoga, before 7th i.e, Dhyana (Meditation) and 8th … Continue reading Jhana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Nirvana

The Path of True Yoga and Spirituality

Om! The Path of True Yoga and Spirituality is very Blissful, but to enjoy that Bliss one has to overcome the challenges with strong mind and body. This invites the hindrances to sharpen your mind and asks to endure the pains to invigorate the body. Stay connected and realize the Blessings of all kinds. No … Continue reading The Path of True Yoga and Spirituality