True Enlightenment and Enlightened Master

Mere bookish knowledge or scholarship has always been condemned by all Enlightened Masters. Empirical knowledge only is helpful for oneself as well as for others. These days, there is flood of enlightened masters around the world, as also on the Facebook, but rare of them are enlightened indeed. Such self-proclaimed masters seem to be enlightened … Continue reading True Enlightenment and Enlightened Master

Anger – Cause and Solution

There are so many reasons lying behind anger. But the root reason of anger is Avidya, Ignorance, delusion, viewing things/phenomena as they appear but not as they are. We forget that every thing/one is transient, impermanent and like passing cloud. Forgetfulness of this truth causes anger.  Anger is a symptom of deluded mind. Anger arises … Continue reading Anger – Cause and Solution