Turning About (पूर्ण परिवर्तन) or Complete Transformation

The Bodhisattva is said to have well grasped the teachings of the Tathagatas when, all alone in a lonely place, by means of his Transcendental Intelligence, he walks the path leading to Nirvana. Thereon his mind will unfold by perceiving, thinking, meditating, and, abiding in the practise of concentration until he attains the "Turning About (पूर्ण … Continue reading Turning About (पूर्ण परिवर्तन) or Complete Transformation

Enlightenment is Science and Art both

Enlightenment is Science and Art both, but it is more Art. Being Science it needs to be understood and being Art it needs to be mastered.This is like Swimming. The science of Swimming is to be understood first but later it must be practiced and mastered only then it would avail, it would be used … Continue reading Enlightenment is Science and Art both

Beyond Body Consciousness is Buddhahood or Supreme Enlightenment

Our body consciousness is so older, thicker and stronger we can’t transcend it easily nor quickly. Lifelong habit energy can’t be annihilated in one life, it takes so many lives to be completely destroyed. Buddhahood or Enlightenment or Complete Nirvana takes place only by going beyond body consciousness. The happening of Enlightenment is also not … Continue reading Beyond Body Consciousness is Buddhahood or Supreme Enlightenment

Discipleship and Mastership

Almost all aspirants want to become Master but rare one wants to become Disciple, and he/she who becomes a disciple the door of Enlightenment and Divinity opens for him/her. Every Enlightened and Blessed Master becomes and remains Disciple in the beginning, even after Enlightenment, two facets remain with Him/Her, one of Discipleship and other of … Continue reading Discipleship and Mastership

Profound Transformation

Om! There are some signs of profound transformation of body and mind. If your body exudes the aromatic fragrance, if your skull shines, if your eyes glisten, if your body breathe deeply, slowly and calmly, understand that a profound transformation has occurred on your body plane. But this takes place only after mind transformation, when … Continue reading Profound Transformation