Which chakra should you heal first?

When it comes to healing, some people focus on the chakras themselves or on yogic techniques like meditation or sound therapy. The root chakra is often considered the foundation of the entire energy body system, so it is essential to start with this one first if you want to balance your other chakras.

The Root Chakra or Muladhara (Sanskrit for “root”) is the earliest center of your life, rooted in survival and the birth process. It is where your kundalini, or “pure desire,” rises from your core.

If your root chakra is unbalanced, you may feel ungrounded and out of touch with your true self. It can affect your finances, relationships with others, and sense of safety. You might also experience anxiety disorders, fears or nightmares, and physical issues such as colon, bladder, elimination, or lower back pain.

Yoga can help rebalance the root chakra, especially when practicing poses that ground and strengthen the abdomen. You can also connect with the earth’s elements by walking unpaved paths or digging your hands into the soil.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is your spiritual connection to higher levels of consciousness. A blocked chakra in this area can lead to a lack of faith and emotional detachment from other people and the world, as well as poor mental health and anxiety disorders.

Solar Plexus Chakra

A blocked chakra in this area can make it hard for you to trust your power, take action and withstand challenges. Signs include a lack of self-worth, low confidence, fear of failure, and indecisiveness. Meditation and visualization exercises that help build personal power, such as candle gazing, can help rebalance the solar plexus chakra.

What does Chakra deal With Healing?

The chakras are spinning wheels of energy that the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives can influence. When chakras function correctly, they provide optimal energy flow and serve our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

They are a great way to discover what is going on within your body and spirit, leading to deeper self-knowledge, clarity, and self-acceptance — all critical components of emotional wellness and recovery. However, when your chakras are out of balance, you may experience various physical and psychological symptoms that can impact your recovery.

Root Chakra – sitting at the base of the spine and tailbone, this chakra governs your primal forces and fundamental survival needs. When the root chakra is energized and balanced, you feel grounded and secure in yourself and the world around you.

Sacral Chakra – located in the pelvic region and the navel, this chakra deals with our sexual and reproductive functions. When this chakra is blocked, you may suffer from reproductive problems such as menstrual cramps and urinary tract infections.

Third Eye Chakra – also known as the Ajna chakra, is centered between your eyebrows and is associated with the brain and nerve synapse. It is also related to our ability to connect to spirituality and intuition.

If your third eye chakra is out of balance, meditation can help you align it and restore a sense of focus and calm. A walk in the woods can also be a relaxing and soothing way to bring the third chakra back into harmony, mainly when you focus on soaking in the beauty surrounding you.

What does Chakra help With Heartbreak?

When your heart chakra gets thrown out of balance or blocked, it can affect your love life in all sorts of ways. It can impact your ability to find happiness and peace and your willingness to be open and vulnerable. It can also trigger your need to isolate, resulting in an oppressive sense of loneliness and isolation. It can also lead you to lack compassion, empathy, and the ability to give and receive love.

Meditate regularly to heal a broken heart and practice loving-kindness meditation (also known as Metta meditation). This meditative technique invites you to extend your loving energy into the hearts of others who are experiencing feelings of hurt, pain, or grief, as well as to all beings.

Then, practice breathing exercises that help you connect with the underlying emotions causing the heart pain. You can do this through various means, including yoga meditation, breath work, and deep belly breathing.

Affirmations and affirmation therapy can be helpful tools to use when working to clear your heart chakra, especially if you’re feeling angry or resentful. This tried-and-tested healing technique can help you leave behind past traumas that might be contributing to these feelings, says Rappaport.

Crystals can also be helpful for the heart chakra, with malachite and carnelian being the most common. Both of these stones help to ground you and stabilize your current romantic relationship, according to Rappaport.

    How Do I Activate My Healing Chakras?

    Your body is a powerful energy system with seven main chakra centers. These centers are responsible for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. You can activate your healing chakras through meditation, yoga, and chanting. Each of these practices has specific mantras and mudras that can help you to open the chakra and energize it.

    Using specific hand positions during a chakra meditation is another way to focus on the energy of that particular area. You can also use a sound healing technique that resonates with the frequency of the chakra you’re trying to heal.

    Deep breathing meditation is a great way to relax and focus on your chakras. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for several moments.

    If you have trouble meditating, try listening to relaxing music or reading a book that encourages relaxation and focuses on breathing. You can also work with a healer to do specific exercises, such as acupuncture or sound baths. Spending time in nature is another excellent way to align your chakras. It can help you feel grounded, connected to the world, and more present in your daily life.

    A balance of all the chakras is necessary for a healthy, balanced, and happy life. Imbalances in any of your chakras can cause feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses, as well as physical ailments like backaches and digestive issues.

    Which Chakra is Blocked by Frustration?

    Frustration is an emotional response to stress that can manifest in several ways. It’s often short-lived but can cause a lot of trouble when it happens to you regularly. Chakras govern our emotional well-being, and identifying which chakra blocks by frustration can be the first step in finding out what’s up. Once you determine which chakra is causing you grief, you can work to open it up and get your life back on track.

    Root (Muladhara)

    The root chakra, also called Muladhara, is the center of survival and is believed to be linked with red and the element earth. It is the foundation of our lives and the primary source of energy, so when it’s out of balance, feelings of survival and ambition may be compromised, causing frustration, anxiety, depression, and feelings of inadequacy.

    Heart (Anahata)

    When the heart chakra is in balance, emotions of love, compassion, and empathy for others characterize it. However, this chakra can be impacted by jealousy and self-doubt when it’s out of balance, says Lymath.

    Throat (Vishuddha)

    The throat chakra connects to our ability to speak our truth and express our creativity. When it’s out of balance, Lymath says, you might be afraid to talk or unable to express yourself in any way.
    It can also make you feel guilty for speaking up, and this might result in hormone imbalances and restlessness. Eating blueberries, raspberries, and figs can help clear out any lies blocking your voice.


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