Ultra Psychology: Inner Peace and Joy, by Yogi Anand – Adwait Yoga School

The Peace and Joy, which depend on external factors, such as a person, a place, and specific situations, are not true and long lasting Peace and Joy, rather, depending peace and joy sometimes eventually become depressive, agonizing, painful, tormenting, unbearable and fatal too.

We want a favorable, comfortable and stress-free relationship, work, situations and circumstances, which infact is impossible, for mental peace and joy, and if we don’t find so, we try to change them.

We can change circumstances to an extent, but not completely. At the same time, for the aforesaid mental peace and joy, we can change our mind completely, if we really want, but laymind being inflexible and crazy, instead of changing oneself, this wants to change others, including people and circumstances. That doesn’t mean we can’t change the situations, and we shouldn’t endeavour to. An appropriate, balanced and right efforts should always be made to change the conditions and environment, but if we fail to do so even after our balanced efforts, we should change ourselves, by understanding that the circumstances we deem as unfavorable, uncomfortable and restless, are there because of the will of Existence, and should accept and embrace that willingly, by letting go of our stubbornness and expectations.

Occasionally when required, instead of changing the situations, let’s change ourselves.

Yoga, Mindfulness, Spirituality and Holistic Health advise be flexible, balanced, self dependent or independent, kind & compassionate, in harmony with the Existence, afresh through flowing with time and nature, content with the results we get after making sincere and vigorous efforts, equanimity and inner Joy. By following and observing these Yogic and Holistic approach to Life, we can make our lives ideally vibrant, rich, Happy and Complete.

Yogi Anand, Adwait Yoga School

🕉️ Tat Sat!

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