Try to be True Spiritual one, and be Unique

Being true Spiritual one is to be a true and unique channel of Immense wisdom, energy, prosperity, love and greatness.

You can not manifest the extraordinary intelligence, power and performances unless you are an authentic human being but not a copy cat. The Divine Wisdom & Force doesn’t like the repetition of any thing. In order to be creative, innovative, and a good contributor to the world, in your field, you would have to be original. In whatever field you are, be original, and abhor the imitations of your co-professionals. You can perform outstanding at your work, by being Spiritual. Every great personality was/is consciously or unconsciously spiritual one. Spirituality has nothing to do with any religion. This is absolutely scientific stuff not religious.

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Spiritual World is mysterious. One’s Spirit is the source of new ideas, dynamic thoughts, and amazing inventions. The Soul of everyone is One, but the spirits are as many as beings are. That Divine Soul, which is One, manifest through spirits in different ways, in order to make the world harmonious, rich and happy. When one starts to become true Spiritual, the miracles begin to happen in and around the life of a person. A spiritual one is a disciplined one. The Universe, like disciplines. The word ‘disciple’ is made of ‘discipline’, so a Disciple means a one who observes certain disciplines.

To be a spiritual one, in other words to be a unique one, you have to spare a time to sit for a minutes with mind focused, peaceful, without ripples of emotions, without distractions, and attuned with the Universe. You can schedule this either in the morning or in the evening or during the day if you get chance for the same. But must spare a time everyday, for this process of transformation. Choose a specific place in your house, or at the work place, where you would do this  life transforming act. After some days of practices, you wold find, that place waits for you to sit. Whenever you would feel stuck, or gloomy, depressed, unfocused, go to that specific place, and you would experience the miracle, that hindrances are cleared away, and the Divine wisdom, energy and bliss starts flowing through you.

Thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned to read more.


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