The rising of New Consciousness

The rising of New Consciousness is possible, only by demolishing the old consciousness. This is how a new consciousness, in human beings, arises in order to rejoice the fresh flow of the river of Infinite and Ever-fresh Consciousness.


Osho would tell a very interesting story about how to allow the new one to take place by razing and letting go old ones.

There was a very old church – very ancient, very beautiful, hallowed by tradition – but it was almost in ruins and there was danger that it may fall any day.

The worshipers had stopped coming in; as any moment it might fall. Even the trustees of the church wouldn’t have a meeting in the church, they would meet somewhere else to decide things about the church. But they were reluctant to destroy it.

They asked great architects, but they all suggested that the building was too dangerous, it was beyond repair, it had to be destroyed and a new church had to be built. They never wanted it to be destroyed; it was very ancient, it had a long tradition, it had become part of their being – to destroy it looked as if they were going to destroy themselves. Reluctantly, they called a meeting of the trustees and they passed three resolutions, as follows:

Resolution#1: The church, the old church, had to be destroyed and a new church had to be built. – passed unanimously.

Resolution#2: Until the new church was ready they would continue to worship in the old church. – passed unanimously.

Resolution#3: The new church had to be built on exactly the same spot where the old church stood and with the stones of the old church! – passed unanimously.

To build the new church is impossible without dismantling the old one, but, the foolish trustees were not ready to demolish them, and wanted to have a new one at the same place.

This is how the traditional mind goes. It goes on clinging and clinging – even if it becomes contradictory, it goes on clinging. It avoids seeing the contradiction. It avoids seeing the death that has already entered. It avoids seeing that the body is no longer alive – a corpse, stinking, deteriorating.

The new human beings have to be absolutely empty from old traditions, cultures, habit patterns (samskaras), in order to give rise of New Consciousness, New and Fresh human beings without any kind of prejudices.


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