आत्मनिष्ठा से अभय, और अभय से आत्मनिष्ठा

आत्मनिष्ठा से अभय आता है और अभय से आत्मानिष्ठा आती है, इसीलिये उपनिषद् कहता है – “अभयम् ब्रह्म” अभय स्थिति ही आत्मा व ब्रह्म है | किसी भी प्रकार का भय तनाव उत्पन्न करता है, और तनाव आत्मा अर्थात शान्ति सुख आनन्द से दूर ले जाता है | भय तनाव पैदा करता है, तनाव मन … Continue reading आत्मनिष्ठा से अभय, और अभय से आत्मनिष्ठा

A Truth of Death

The life is followed by death, and death culminates in the birth in order to fulfill the remaining desires, till final salvation or Nirvana or Moksha, which in fact is the extinction of all cravings and desires. Death is sweet; it must be experienced while living in the body through practices of yoga and meditation. … Continue reading A Truth of Death

Path to Life Transformatin

This world has people of two categories, one kind of people have life unhealthy, poor, wretched, ignored and full of sufferings, on other hands, there is another category of people who have life healthy, vibrant, successful, rich, honored and full of Joy. The people of first category who suffer are people who go astray. Similarly, there … Continue reading Path to Life Transformatin