Self realization of God as Self

Dear Atman (Self),

Self realization of God as one’s own Self is the aim of Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality or Holistic practices. If the such practices don’t bestow this realization, that means somewhere practitioner is  making mistakes.

In spite of practicing Yoga, Meditation, and other spiritual practices since many years, one doesn’t experience God, one doesn’t have even glimpse of God, why? Just because of not practicing in right way. Because, one is not qualified for such experiences.

Upanishads explores the reason of not having self realization, with following verse:

नाविरतो दुश्चरितात न शान्तो न समाहितः, न शांत मानसो वापि प्रज्ञानेन ऐनम आप्नुयात  naavirato dushcharitaat na shaanto na samaahitah, na shaant maanaso vaapi pragyaanen ainam aapnuyaat.  – Katha Upanishad 1/2/24

The meaning of above Sutra is, they, who have not withdrawn from unrighteous attitude and actions, nor is peaceful, nor mindful, nor have approached to such one who has already achieved this state, is not eligible to realize self as Divine or the Immortal.  

How strange is this, people are making efforts but in wrong direction, in wrong ways, therefore, all endeavors go in vain, no results, but waste of time. Such, people neither gets success in spiritual world nor in mundane world. Neither gets physical health, wealth, happiness nor the God, who is the Supreme Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Absorption in Divine Self

People have to first abstain from unwholesome thinking, speaking, acting and behaviors, should calm down the rampant mind, should try to develop the concentration, should integrate the awareness and energy, and then plunge deep down into the Living Soul within. By observing and practicing such principles, one creates an environment for God to manifest, one becomes a proper channel for Divinity thereby one reaches the Immortality or Samadhi or Kaiwalya or Nirvana or Unfading Joy.

Namaste from Yogi Anand! _/|\_

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