Mind, Meditation and Enlightenment

Meditation is nothing but the opening of mind by removal of the defilements accumulated since our conceptions / uncountable & inconceivable past lives, in order to realize / actualize our True or Buddha (Enlightened & Awakened) Mind. When we completely remove the filth by constant and uninterrupted meditation, the light of our own mind shines … Continue reading Mind, Meditation and Enlightenment

Anger – Cause and Solution

There are so many reasons lying behind anger. But the root reason of anger is Avidya, Ignorance, delusion, viewing things/phenomena as they appear but not as they are. We forget that every thing/one is transient, impermanent and like passing cloud. Forgetfulness of this truth causes anger.  Anger is a symptom of deluded mind. Anger arises … Continue reading Anger – Cause and Solution