The Law of Karma is Immutable, Irresistible and Invincible

The Law of Karma surpasses the planetary effects one an individual’s life. At the same time, at same location 2 babies are born, one in palace and other in slum, but the fate of both babies are different, one enjoys the happiness of abundance, great medical facilities, higher education in elite schools/academies, rich relatives, etc. but other one faces financial hardships, lower enough medical facilities, lower education in municipal schools or no education, poor relatives, etc. Former had accumulation of good and wholesome karma hence birth in abundant and noble family and later had accrued bad and unwholesome karma hence born in poor and lower family. The Law of Karma surpasses stars, time, location, planetary positions and effects on an individual, etc.

The Law of Karma

Therefore, a wise one should stop seeking remedies of bad luck, health, wealth, relationship, etc, in astrology, etc and practice good and wholesome karma, to shape, enrich and brighten the future.

The Law of Karma is immutable, irresistible and invincible.

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