The Law of Karma
The Law of Karma
I would like to tell you a Truth, that every one is reaping the fruits of his/her own good or bad karma. we can’t interfere and do any thing in any one’s life. Out of empathy, all that we can do for any one, is pray for his/her enlightenment. But that also won’t be heard, because the Existence doesn’t hear any one’s pray. The Existence hears only one’s physical or subtle Karma, and gives the result accordingly. Your prayer or curse doesn’t work for others, this is the bitter and immutable Truth. Yet, you can share your own merit with others for their happy or cursed life. By that, you can alleviate or increase others pain or miseries. But again, when that will loose the effects, the alleviation or miseries will pass away.

Every one is heir of one’s own good or evil karma.

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