My deep condolence on untimely death of Swami Nigamananda Saraswati


I express my deep-felt grief on the untimely death of a True Saint Swami Nigamananda Saraswatijee on 13th April 2011! I knew him from very close. He was one of my very good Swami friends. We had lived 18 months together in the Ashram, Matri Sadan at Haridwar.

On his untimely and painful death, last night, I was crying in my dream bitterly. He was an Enlightened Yogi, Spiritual One, Music lover and True Saint. He will ascend to higher level of Consciousness.

I’ve just seen the news on a TV Channel, that channel was broadcasting the news that Matri Sadan Sadhus say that Swamiji was injected the poison by a strange nurse, assigned by the Mafias, as he was on fast unto death against the illegal mining and pollution in The Ganga and corruption. The poisoning has been proved by a Medical Report too.

In the same Himalayan Hospital, where Baba Ramdev was hospitalized, Swami Nigamananda was also hospitalized and was in coma. Many political leaders had visited the hospital to Ramdev but no one visited Swami Nigmananda. This is more tragic and stunning that the religious leaders – Sri Ravishankar, Morari Bapu, Kripalu Maharj, etc had visited the hospital to break the Anshan (fasting) of Ramdev, but none of them visited Swami Nigamanandajee. How sad is this! There is differentiation and great discrimination of rich and poor among so-called sadhus too.

God bless the materially poor Sadhus!


2 thoughts on “My deep condolence on untimely death of Swami Nigamananda Saraswati

  1. very deep touching and heart throbing information I got..
    all those religious leader met with Ramdev , they are not enlighteed people they all are religious businessman ….in the market of spirituality..
    but God always give them silent blessings those who are his real devotee.. , swami Nigamananda was real devotee .. of God n man..
    Om shanti shanti shanti…


    1. Thank you so much dear Rajeshjee, for your enlightened words. Yes, that is true that they are religious businessmen in the market of Religion; the don’t meet the True Religion and True religious people. They teach about the state of being freed from discrimination or Raga (prejudice) and Dwesha (aversion), but they are badly drowned in DISCRIMINATION, RAGA and DWESHA.

      Sad is the situation of India, that it has a lot of blind people who support them, follow them and have honored them as Saints.

      God bless India and the whole world.



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