Sthitaprajnata, nature of sthitaprajna

A Yogi does Vichara (Introspection) in Savichara/Sawikalpa Dhyana.

He/she thinks let me become Sthitaprajna, let me practice Sthitaprajnata.

He also views the ‘Sthitprajnata’ rightly and very apparently.

Sthitprajnata is a State of Consciousness, an attunement of Consciousness, where Consciousness doesn’t falter amidst blame and praise, raising and falling, success and failure, richness and poverty, birth and death, pain and pleasure, sufferings and happiness.

He reviews the views of The Buddha about a Sthitaprajna one, “Just as a rock of one solid mass remains unshaken by the wind, even so, neither forms, nor sounds, nor odors, nor tastes, nor contacts of any kind, neither the desired, nor the undesired, can cause such an one to waver. Steadfast is his mind, gained is deliverance.”

He also meditates on a description of a Sthitaprajna described by Lord Krishna in Geeta, where he says –
“When a man, abandons all the desires of his heart, and is pleased in his self only and by his self, he is then called Sthitaprajna, one of steady mind. He whose heart is not agitated in the midst of calamities, who has no longing for pleasures, and from whom the feelings of affection, fear, and wrath have departed, is called a sage of steady mind. His mind is steady, who, being without attachments anywhere, feels no exultation and no aversion on encountering the various agreeable and disagreeable things of this world. A man’s mind is steady, when he withdraws his senses from all objects of sense, as the tortoise withdraws its limbs from all sides. Objects of sense draw back from a person who is abstinent; not so the taste for those objects. But even the taste departs from him, when he has seen the Supreme Reality.”

A nature ‘Sthitaprajnata’ is one of natures of a True Yogi or Spiritual One. Let me cultivate this nature and bring this to the fullest perfection, let me make it my habit.

Triumph of Stithprajnata!


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