Dear Friend,


If you can’t practice Purity, don’t condemn it, don’t advocate and justify the impurity or impure philosophies.

This has been seen not in an failed seeker only but even in so-called enlightened masters also, they practice disciplines for a time, or for a few years for Siddhis or for Supreme Siddhi i.e., Enlightenment, and when it doesn’t take place, then they give the disciplines up and go astray, and also begin to condemn the path of disciplines and start to advocate and justify the mixed with impure or absolute impure philosophy of Real Yoga and Spirituality. And also the people of like minded begin to hover and follow that one, thus they start a new Sampradaya, new path of Yoga and Spirituality. This is very tragic and sad. The true seekers also get confused and stuck to such fake masters, and when that true seekers realize the fakes and erroneous approach of that master, then they see they are entangled deeply, and they miss their current life time, but the God is so kind, they get again and again the chances, they take rebirth and restart their Yogic-Spiritual journey. When their good karma arises then they meet True Yoga-Spiritual Master and start True Sadhana of Purity for Supreme Siddhi i.e., Enlightenment or Brahma Jnana, which only gives the Liberation from Sufferings of birth, decay, death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despairs.

Out of good karma only one gets a True Guru/Guide/Master. A seeker/sadhaka has nothing in his/her hands, but doing good/wholesome karma, rest is up to the Brahman, who leads a sadhak to the Truth by the True Guide.

Alike other Universal Laws, The Law of Karma is always in effect, Lord Shri Krishna also believes – Gahna karmano gatih means ‘the law of karma is gahana (very profound). The meeting of happiness or sufferings, success or failure, richness or poverty, favorable place or unfavorable place, good partner or bad partner, noble friends or ignoble friends, True Guru or Fake Guru, all depend on your Good or Bad Karma only.

Therefore, It is imperative to focus only on Wholesome Karma to reach to all the Good and True places, things, friends, partner, people, circumstances and Guru.

Wholesome or Pure Karma is such Karma which is done freed from greed, lust, anger, fear, attachments, identity, ego, delusion and ignorance.


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