Personal Growth: How to glorify the life?

Be energetic and remember the things: In this habit there are two things first being energetic and second being mindful. As to the first; being energetic means to have plenty of energy. Energy may be cultivated through healthy foods and drinks, exercises (I’ll suggest here the Yogasanas and pranayamas as a best physical and vital … Continue reading Personal Growth: How to glorify the life?

Life Transformation

A Disciple: "I'm dealing with how the experience of awakening can be linked to having a family, relationships and the education of childeren." Yogi Anand: I liked this Idea and would like to encourage you to work in this field, this is needed for the world. This is more important than just working for own … Continue reading Life Transformation

Kshanti or Endurance, one of 6 Paramitas (Spiritual Qualities)

Kshanti or Endurance is one of 6 Paramitas (the means to reach into the world of Nirvana). Practice it, develop it and bring it to the fullest maturity, also at the same time avoid and overcome the weakness which doesn't let one practice this Great Quality to enjoy the Ultimate Happiness i.e., NIRVANA. Others 5 … Continue reading Kshanti or Endurance, one of 6 Paramitas (Spiritual Qualities)


Dear disciple, Alex, Namaste! To start meditation, with chanting is better; you can chant any mantra 108 times, then change the object of focusing, focus on breathings, count 20 inhalation and exhalation, then in third phase, remain silent without anything thinking, anything visualizing; remain in absolute silent, detaching yourself from all phenomena, beliveing all phenomena … Continue reading Meditation

Who is Disciple?

Spiritual World is mysterious. When one starts to become true Spiritual, the miracles begin to happen in and around the disciple. The Universe, like disciplines. The word 'disciple' is made of 'discipline', so a Disciple means a one who observes certain disciplines. There are 5 essential Disciplines which a disciple must observe, they are as under … Continue reading Who is Disciple?

My deep condolence on untimely death of Swami Nigamananda Saraswati

Om! I express my deep-felt grief on the untimely death of a True Saint Swami Nigamananda Saraswatijee on 13th April 2011! I knew him from very close. He was one of my very good Swami friends. We had lived 18 months together in the Ashram, Matri Sadan at Haridwar. On his untimely and painful death, … Continue reading My deep condolence on untimely death of Swami Nigamananda Saraswati

The Path of True Yoga and Spirituality

Om! The Path of True Yoga and Spirituality is very Blissful, but to enjoy that Bliss one has to overcome the challenges with strong mind and body. This invites the hindrances to sharpen your mind and asks to endure the pains to invigorate the body. Stay connected and realize the Blessings of all kinds. No … Continue reading The Path of True Yoga and Spirituality

Adwaita अद्वैत (Non-duality)

Om! I would like to express my view on the profound subject - ADVAITA. Advvaita (Non-duality) is the Ultimate Reality, there, where, only One exists but not two, is Advaita. All kinds of Yoga - Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Laya Yoga, etc., have this destination. So long two exists, … Continue reading Adwaita अद्वैत (Non-duality)


A true Yogi or Spiritual one doesn't need to achieve anything for Enlightenment, rather has to leave all things near and dear. When you leave all, which you could say 'this is me', 'this is mine', 'this belongs to me', then Enlightenment happens; and so long this consciousness remains Enlightenment lives.